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Norbert Mazari, Chris Blackard, and Mark Yeske formed Astral Kitchen in 1990. The band started as a power trio with straight-ahead rock and roll rhythms and clever, heady lyrics. Astral Kitchen’s eponymous debut album on AK Records was intended simply to get gigs, yet download sales in the thousands continue to this day. The album’s sound is highlighted by Yeske's quirky voice and Blackard’s classic rock vocals. 

The band’s second album, Dirty Things, was s full 12 years in the making, but the 2003 release found the band digging into the pop culture of the day and showing influences ranging from Pink Floyd and David Bowie to Beck. Recorded with Mazari and Blackard performing all the parts, the Dirty Things project revealed a new, fresh sound for Astral Kitchen. After the album’s release, Mazari and Blackard assembled a live band and toured behind Dirty Things for 135 West Coast shows. 

Diabolic Design arrived in 2006 to critical acclaim from Rolling Stone and Billboard Online. Built on raw firepower and big production, the band toured Diabolic Design through more than 200 shows over three years.  

In September of 2009, AK entered the recording studio once again to create the next chapter in the group’s now nearly 20-year saga. Since its release in 2011, Elements and its hit single "STAR" has received enthusiastic reviews and radio airplay.

In 2016, Astral Kitchen is still cooking with a lineup that includes some of the Bay Area’s finest musicians. 
The Band:
Chris Blackard - Vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion
Rob Sherman – Lead guitar, vocals
Dean Gilman- Bass, vocals 
Larry The O – Drums, vocals

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Dirty Things-2003

Diabolic Design-2006